Everything we do and believe in is to change how marketing is perceived.

Marketing makes the world a better place; it shows us useful products that provide convenience and allows us to learn about services that create comfort in our lives. At ST Social Media, we stand for using social media marketing to spread big ideas and inspiring stories that will make a great impact in the community.

Our founder, Stephanie Trinh, has worked in the agency world for many years and through her experience, she’s learned on major thing: social media is not about the mechanics but the psychology of how we approach our tactics and implement them. For that reason, the mission of ST Social Media became highly focused on leveraging neuropsychology and consumer behavior to create social media strategies that will help your target audience make the decision to purchase and work with brands that understand them best (that’s you!).

We use psychology and human behavior to have the competence and capability to understand the needs of our clients and their customers. We create and implement social media strategies that will bring your brand increased awareness and provide your fans with the ultimate experience.